Doula Services in Anchorage ~ Welcome!

Pregnancy is an amazing time of a woman's life when she becomes part of the miracle of birth. My name is Heather and as a doula I am fortunate to get the chance to pamper pregnant women during labor and help them achieve a birth experience that they will remember forever. I offer my services to families in the Anchorage area including most of South Central Alaska. I look forward to showing you how I can help make your pregnancy and birth a truly magical experience.

"The birth of our daughter was the most amazing experience I've ever had. My husband and Heather were the perfect team to coach me through the entire process....." click here to read more about Baby Ingrid's birth!

Birth doulas offer professional labor support to women and their partners. They are an integral part of the birth team and are dedicated to helping families stay with their birth plan. As a doula I will be by your side, assisting your partner with labor support skills, giving you a variety of ideas and techniques to help labor progress and ease your discomfort.