Services & Fees

No Obligation Consultation

This is a chance for you to discover if I am the right doula for you: both my personality and my experience. During this meeting you may have several questions you want to ask me about my training, philosophy and the services I provide. I am enthusiastic about giving you all the information you need to choose the doula that is right for you.

Prenatal Meetings

If, after our consultation, you think I am the right doula for you we will schedule more prenatal meetings to discuss your birth plan and generally become more acquainted with one another. I usually meet with my clients one or two times before the birth of their baby. Partners are welcome at all prenatal meetings!

Phone & Email Support

Between visits, if you feel like you need someone to talk to about your pregnancy or impending birth, you are welcome to contact me via phone or email. Many clients find that they use me as a sounding board when something concerns them and they don't know if they want to "bother" their care provider or not. Then again, sometimes you just need someone to vent to about your pregnancy and I'm happy to be that person!

Labor & Birth Support

Simply put, I will be there from the time you feel you need me until after the baby is born. I am on-call for you 24/7 in the weeks before and after your due date. My job is to meet your needs during labor. I do this by helping your partner show you relaxation and pain coping techniques, running interference with visitors, filling everyone's basic needs (food, drinks, bathroom breaks, etc), helping you acquire additional information about interventions if they become necessary, and generally just making sure your labor and birth go as smoothly as possible. If you don't have a partner or your partner is not going to be involved with the birth, you can expect that I will give you all the one-on-one support you need.

Postpartum Visit

After the birth of your baby, I would like to visit you again within a day or two. This is a great opportunity for us to discuss your birth, troubleshoot breastfeeding or baby care issues, or just hang out and admire your precious little one(s). I also give you a detailed birth summary as well as a keepsake letter to your baby describing his or her birth. I'm available by phone or email anytime after the birth if you need help or suggestions.

My Fees

For the services outlined above, my fee is $950. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required upfront to reserve your birth on my calendar. I believe every woman deserves a doula regardless of their ability to pay, so if my fee seems uncomfortable to you, please let me know at our consultation and we can discuss ways to accommodate your budget.  $450 will be due by your 37th week and the remaining $450 is due within two weeks of the birth of your baby.